This is the beyond awkward moment that Liam Payne met Cheryl's dad

Brb, cringing


Brb, cringing

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

They've officially been together for almost a year and a half, but Cheryl and Liam Payne have pretty much raced through the first eighteen months of their relationship. Although it supposedly takes couples this amount of time on average to reach the big relationship milestones, Chiam fell in love, moved in, almost broke up and then had their beautiful baby Bear together in record time.

So it probably comes as no surprise that Liam went on to meet his girlfriend's parents under similarly unconventional circumstances.

During an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Liam confessed that the first time he met Cheryl's dad was when she was already pregnant with Bear.

'My missus was pregnant, and I was meeting her dad for the first time,' he admitted.

Which would probably be terrifying enough if it wasn't for the peculiar memorabilia he had stored in his garden.

'I thought I had better get rid of the life sized model dinosaurs I had in my garden. I had bought them drunkenly off the internet!'

Yes, probably a good idea considering he also let slip that Cheryl gets defensive when people joke about their ten year age gap.

But the former One Direction bandmate did reveal that despite being mocked for winking at Cheryl the first time they met during his X Factor audition, he is the one who got the last laugh.

‘I was ribbed terribly by my friends at school for doing that,' Liam laughed. 'Now I am 23 and with her, my friends stand mute in the corner of the room. I have never seen them so quiet!’

There has also been speculation that the couple are planning to march down the aisle soon, but considering that Liam is currently tied up promoting his new solo material we'll hold off on buying a hat for now.

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