Leona Lewis to duet with Robbie

Leona Lewis to hit the studio with Robbie Williams AND Kings of Leon

Leona Lewis - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Leona Lewis - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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Leona Lewis to hit the studio with Robbie Williams AND Kings of Leon

Leona Lewis' star just keeps on rising: she's recorded the theme song for the biggest film of the year, Avatar, and now the X Factor winner has lined up not one, but two A-list duets - Robbie Williams and The Kings of Leon.

Off the back of the huge success of James Cameron's flick, Lewis is reportedly set to re-release her hit album Echo, with some serious celebrity guest stars.

She's hitting the studio with Williams next week, The Mirror reports. A source told the paper, 'She loves Robbie and thinks he's a real laugh - and the love-in is mutual. They're just going to go in the studio and see what comes out.'

And if the sessions are a success, there's a chance we could see the pop superstars teaming up on stage next year, much to the delight of a certain Simon Cowell.

Referring to rumours that the X Factor mogul is hoping to recruit Williams as a fifth judge, the source added: 'Simon is really keen on the idea and hopes it will help Robbie come on board with the X Factor.'

And as if one chart-busting duet wasn't enough, Lewis also approached Kings of Leon herself, in the hope of teaming up.

'Leona is incredibly proactive. She knows exactly what she wants and where she's heading and is thrilled with these developments. The Kings of Leon collaboration came about through Leona herself,' the source divulged.


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