This is why Kit Harington doesn’t like taking fan pics with Rose Leslie

We get it

kit harington

We get it

Words - Karen Belz

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Even though he’s a celebrity, he doesn’t really dig the term. And that’s just one of the reasons linked to why Kit Harington doesn’t like taking photos with fans. In an interview with The Guardian, Kit opened up about why it’s especially weird to take photos while he’s out with his fiancée, Rose Leslie.

Kit said that he’s not all about 'the photo thing,' and admitted that there were days he decided not to partake. Since Game of Thrones was his first on-screen television role, we can understand how it must be strange to suddenly be recognised everywhere you go — especially if you’re a private person.

He said that while he doesn’t feel bad rejecting fans, he makes sure he’s polite about it.

'You just have to, otherwise you start feeling like a mannequin. Especially me and Rose, we never do a photo together. Because then it makes our relationship feel like… puppets,' he said. 'Like we’re a walking show.'

Credit: Photo by HBO/courtesy Everett Collection/REX

Harington also admitted that he’s especially private over everything regarding Leslie, as he doesn’t want the media to interfere with his relationship.

'I don’t believe in talking about one’s relationship in the press because it’s… I strongly believe it’s her relationship and mine, and anything I say here, she may not want me to say,' he said. 'So I just don’t say it. I genuinely think it’s our private life.'

If you recall, Harington didn’t announce his engagement with Leslie in a flashy way — instead, he took out an ad in a newspaper, which was a more standard practice years ago.

So we believe that he’s sincere in trying to separate his 'celebrity' life from his real life, and can admire that.

So, a word to the wise — if you see Jon Snow out in public, make sure to give him a little space.

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