Kelly Brook and Billy Zane split

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane break up

KellyBrook and Billy Zane
KellyBrook and Billy Zane

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane break up

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane have broken up again - but this time, reports say, the decision is final.

According to reports, the 28-year-old called time on the relationship over the phone last week - and says this time it's for good.

Kelly's publicist confirmed the split, and told the Daily Mirror: 'They're still the best of friends but any romantic spark has well and truly gone.

'It's really sad but there's no one else involved.'

The couple, who were planning to marry at their sprawling Kent farmhouse - split last November after the pressure of the death of Kelly's father took its toll.

By January, however, the couple were back together and hit the beaches on a make-up holiday in St. Barts.

By April, Kelly had decided she was too young to marry at 28, and called off the wedding, only to join Zane again on the red carpet at Cannes in May. In June the couple announced they were back together and Kelly was sporting her £35,000 engagement ring again.

But, it seems, the fairytale has now well and truly finished.

A source told the Mirror: 'She's glad she got back together with him to give things another go. She was desperate to save their relationship but, at the end of the day, it just wasn't to be.

'They're both comfortable with the situation and Kelly seems to be quite looking forward to being a single girl again.'

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