Kate Moss’ Rock 'n' Roll Weekend

Looks like Kate Moss had a bit of a wild one this weekend…


Looks like Kate Moss had a bit of a wild one this weekend…

Kate Moss has shown she still knows how to party, as details emerge of what looks like a rather wild weekend.

The supermodel spent the past week in Bodrum, Turkey, celebrating the forthcoming 50th birthday of her close friend, Sadie Frost. The two, along with a group of close friends including Frances Ruffelle (mother of singer, Eliza Doolittle) and Fran Cutler (celebrity events planner), spent their holiday at the luxury LifeCo Clinic Spa.

The group enjoyed beauty treatments and sunbathed at the detox spa, which offers recommended eating plans and exercise classes.

Moss has visited the spa before, having gone on a trip for her own birthday last year and again in summer. After seeing the pics on Sadie Frost’s Instagram account, it’s clear why she likes it so much. We might just have to make our own booking.

In one snap, Moss is shown standing barefoot in the sun, wearing a set of striped silk pyjamas, with the caption: 'Morning!! Perfect breakfast attire!!'

The designer shared photos of the group enjoying yoga, sunbathing and snacking on healthy raw food – living the luxury celebrity lifestyle to the max. One photo of an exotic-looking yoga class was captioned: 'Regram @roseferguson_ thanks lifeco for an amazing week - just what we all needed! @roseferguson_ @francutler @jem_frenchie @francesruffelle @teresatarmey and sleeping beauty!'

Frost posted a selfie in which she looks smiley and relaxed, writing 'Healthy and happy - lovely big smiles after spending time with some of my favourite people #countdowntobirthday'

It seems that the healthy existence was all a bit too much for Kate Moss, though, as she let loose on the plane journey home. 

Reports have suggested that our favourite Corydon girl got a little, shall we say ‘jolly’ on her Easyjet flight and was chucked-off for ‘disruptive’ behaviour.

The supermodel was allegedly met by officers when the plane landed in Luton on Sunday afternoon.

The details are unconfirmed but Bedfordshire Police have issued a statement saying that they were ‘called to assist staff in escorting a passenger from a flight arriving into Luton airport this afternoon.’

‘The passenger had been reported as being disruptive on the flight,’ they reported.

The airline, Easyjet, confirmed the reports saying that flight EZY2232 from Bodrum to Luton on Sunday afternoon had to be met by police due to the behaviour of someone onboard.

Bedfordshire Police said that no formal complaints were made against the passenger and they were not arrested.

This was not Kate’s first clash with airport staff. Last summer, she was caught on camera apparently trying to talk her way onto a flight without a ticket. The Daily Mail reported that she had ‘been staying at the same luxury detox spa as her recent trip before she arrived at the airport ‘clearly inebriated’.’

Sounds like our kind of detox!

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