One royal expert explains how the monarchy has always been saved by women

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are undoubtedly the most talked-about couple in the world, stepping up to reassure and lead the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

In fact, Prince William and particularly Kate Middleton have been credited with keeping the royal family afloat this past year.

It was Kate that got the world talking the most of course, as royal commentators dubbed her the next ‘royal saviour’.

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Commentator Antonio Caprarica spoke on royal podcast, God Save the Queen, predicting that the Duchess of Cambridge is becoming one of the most vital members of the family, something that will mount pressure on her.

‘I said before the dynasty has been saved by the women,’ Antonio explained. ‘And the next saviour will be Kate.’

He continued: ‘If one pays attention, through the history of this family, women are vital - Victoria reigned nearly 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II is at nearly 68 years of reign. When the Queen is no longer there, it's clear the centre of the Royal Family will be Kate.

‘She's got charisma, beauty, poise and intelligence. So many nice things you need to be a Queen nowadays. It will once again be a woman who guarantees the survival of the dynasty.'

Well, this is lovely.

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