The Duchess of Cambridge has been crowned the coolest female of the moment in a new study

A well-deserved accolade!

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A well-deserved accolade!

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most talked-about women in the world, and from her iconic fashion moments to her hilarious couple jokes with Prince William, she never fails to make viral news.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that Kate Middleton bagged the top spot of a ranking for the ‘coolest and most inspiring’ women around.

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‘During these strange and uncertain times, it’s fantastic to see strong, powerful women coming to the fore,’ Evie Porter, spokesperson and Head of Projects said of the research based on 2,000 British women and conducted by polling firm Perspectus Global.

High ranking spots went to Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, The Queen, Greta Thunberg and Hillary Clinton among others. The overwhelming winner however was the Duchess of Cambridge.

‘From her Hold Still photography project to a video call with a new mum and virtual bingo session with care home residents, Kate has shown just how cool and inspiring she is,’ a spokesperson said on behalf of the study.

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Here’s the study’s rundown of the coolest women of the moment…

1.The Duchess of Cambridge - 23%

2. Michelle Obama - 21%

3.The Queen - 20%

4. Billie Eilish - 20%

5. Adele – 19%

6. Greta Thunberg - 14%

7. Jacinda Ardern – 13%

8. Katy Perry - 12%

9. Emma Watson - 12%

10. Kylie Jenner - 11%

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11. Beyoncé - 11%

12. Phoebe Waller Bridge - 10%

13. Alex Scott - 10%

14. Taylor Swift - 9%

15. Meghan Markle - 9%

16. Meryl Streep - 8%

17. Chrissy Teigen - 8%

18. Emilia Clarke - 7%

19. Rachel Riley - 7%

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20. Hillary Clinton – 6%

21. Oprah Winfrey - 6%

22. Lucy Bronze - 6%

23. Reese Witherspoon - 5%

24. Melinda Gates – 5%

25. Gigi Hadid – 5%

Well, that’s our daily dose of inspiration.

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