Kate does Grease-chic fancy dress!

Kate Moss leads a gaggle of celeb pals for a Grease-themed fancy dress party

Alice Dellal & Jenny Frost - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Alice Dellal & Jenny Frost - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Kate Moss leads a gaggle of celeb pals for a Grease-themed fancy dress party

Kate Moss and a host of her celebrity pals turned back the clock for a Grease-themed fancy dress party in London last night.

Kate sported skin-tight pink satin trousers, teamed with a retro biker black leather jacket, pink neckerchief and 50s-inspired eye make-up.

All topped off with a quiff!

Other guests at hairdresser James Brown's birthday bash took the Pink Ladies theme one step further.

Model Alice Dellal donned a full pink skirt with a black leather jacket, pony tail, t-bar shoes and a cute retro handbag.

Meg Matthews took a leaf out of Frenchie's book and turned up wearing a bright pink bobbed wig and a satin Pink Ladies jacket.

But ex-Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost obviously decided to follow the invite to the letter.

Alice Dellal & Jenny Frost - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

She went for a full-on Sandra Dee impersonation - post makeover, naturally - and wowed onlookers in a figure-hugging black outfit.

Jenny squeezed into tight black wet-look leggings, an off-the-shoulder black top and went the extra mile with a huge curly blonde wig!

Even the boys looked as though they'd made an effort.

Meg Matthews & Lily Allen - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Birthday boy James himself put in a pretty convincing appearance as geeky Eugene from the hit film.

He wore a shirt and bow-tie, red cardigan, specs and slicked back hair, and his trousers pulled up far too tight!

David Walliams looked as if he was going for the T-Bird look in a black leather jacket and black trousers, but wasn't that convincing.

David Walliams & James Brown - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

Other stars at the party in Mayfair included Sade Frost and Lily Allen.

While Sadie dressed in a low-key black shirt and skirt combo (obviously chanelling Rizzo), Lily failed to turn up in fancy dress as she'd just dashed across London from the Diesel U Music World tour.

It looks like the group of friends had an amazing time. They must go together like rama-lama-lama-de-dingitty-ding-de-dong



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