Justin Timberlake hooked up with a Spice Girl and we need to know who

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  • Who fell for the ramen hair?

    It’s the biggest mystery since the internet came together to figure out who bit Beyonce. In a reunion interview on The Ellen Show, 90s heartthrobs N*SYNC came together for a raunchy game of Never Have I Ever and tea was spilled. Including the fact that Justin Timberlake had apparently hooked up with a Spice Girl.

    The five boys were all crowded onto a couch and given paddles that read ‘I have’ and ‘I have never’ on the other side, in a clip which can be watched here. They were all threatened by Ellen DeGeneres to answer truthfully as she quizzed them on their past escapades. It started off with a bang (literally) as she asked if they had ever hooked up with anybody twice their age, then took a turn for the juicy when Ellen asked if any of them had hooked up with a Spice Girl.

    All of the boys flipped their paddles around, with the exception of JT who was incredibly reluctant the whole game long. As he hesitated and began to raise the ‘I have never’ side, Ellen beat him to the punch and slapped an ‘I have’ sign on his thigh before he begrudgingly flipped his paddle to the same side.

    Unsurprisingly, the audience began screaming but Ellen let the Mirrors singer slide and didn’t press him on who it was. But oh boy, we really want to know who it was.

    Ellen clearly knows something we don’t. It’s not a surprise as she’s a good friend and has been spending a bit more time with the boys recently. Recently, they were awarded their own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and she gave the honorary speech.

    She said, ‘Your lyrics inspire me every day: listen to these lyrics please. Dirty pop, baby bet you can’t stop, I know you like this dirty pop, this must be pop. It’s like you took the emotions out of my heart and you spoke them out loud.’

    She ended with a quick jab at the group’s star Joey Fatone, joking, ‘Congratulations to all of you. And Joey.’

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    We’ve done some digging and Victoria Beckham revealed that the legendary pop groups had crossed paths over a decade ago while off on a Eurotrip. While on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Victoria Beckham explained that they had met the Bye Bye Bye gang before they became super famous in a pretty hilarious encounter.

    She said, ‘We were five girls, sitting in an airport altogether, and some guy comes up and says, ‘Hey, I’m in a band. I’ve got my friends, can we come and sing for you?’’

    The girls agreed and he brought his four friends with him. Victoria revealed, ‘They stood there and they could sing. And it was N*SYNC and that was them. That was Justin Timberlake. And we were like, ‘Yeah, you can sing’ and they shut us up because they were good.’

    Joey Fatone posted a picture of the now legendary encounter back in 2015 to Twitter, which showed the two gangs getting awfully cosy on a row of airport benches.

    When James pressed if any of the boys had tried to get their numbers, Victoria shut him down with a firm ‘no, none of that’. Clearly though she was looking out for her gal pals, as somebody definitely did…

    (We’re guessing it’s Baby Spice, Emma Bunton. There’s been some old 90s photos circulating of the two partying at a nightclub in London…)

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