The Justin Bieber emoji range: 10 emojis to expect

It's the new 'in' thing to do if you're a celeb

Justin Bieber normal
Justin Bieber normal
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It's the new 'in' thing to do if you're a celeb

How to prove you're a digitally up-to-date celebrity and a key fixture in popular culture? Release your own range of emojis, of course.

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity (after Kim Kardashian released Kimojis and Amber Rose unveiled her own set) to jump on the emoji band-wagon by preparing to bring out his own range - something all Bieber fans will be ecstatic about (if you're still unsure whether you're a fan or not, check whether you fall under these 14 telltale signs you're actually a secret Belieber).

The pop-star revealed the news to his 69.9 million Instagram followers with a sneak-peak at one of the emojis:


The emoji shows a blonde-haired Justin holding up a 'No Photos' sign (a reference to his recent social media rant about how he shouldn't be forced to take photos with fans when he's out).

He also captioned the post, revealing the date of release: 'Friday @AppStore.'

But what will he name them? Biebermojis? It doesn't have the *best* ring to it. Sorry, Biebs.

More importantly, what emojis will he possibly include? We've had a little think and come up with 10 emojis to expect from the Justin Bieber emoji range...

1. Peroxide Blonde Justin Justin's 'blonde phase' was one of the most divisive celebrity colour swaps in recent history. Some loved his white blonde tresses, while some loathed them (particularly when he dreadlock-ed them...)

2. Holding Hands with Selena Gomez Emoji Imagine it: a miniature Justin and a miniature Selena Gomez, holding hands, side-by-side.

3. YouTube Logo Emoji After all, the Biebs first found fame when a video of him singing on YouTube was seen by music producer Scooter Braun.He owes a lot to YouTube, so a bit of free advertising couldn't hurt.

4. A Grammy Award, an AMA, a VMA, etc. etc. He's won 144 awards and been nominated for 268 in total, so it's only right to have a few gongs on the emoji keyboard.

5. Sad Face Orlando Bloom He did reportedly steal his girl Miranda Kerr one upon a time...

6. Naked Justin in Calvin Klein Pants Emoji Who can forget his saucy CK campaign in 2015?

7. Paparazzi Emoji The paps are a big part of Justin's life so we're imagining cameras with big orange flash symbols.

8. Usher Emoji Let's see an Usher emoji in there, please. Usher was the first to sign Justin so they're pretty good mates.

9. Floppy Haired Justin Emoji Justin's early haircut, first debuted in 'Baby' defined what it meant to be a thirteen year-old boy.

Last but not least...

10. Blurred Out Penis Emoji Lest we forget Penisgate.

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