John Legend is trying to be more conscious about not doing this in front of baby Luna

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Words - Angelica Florio

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the most enviable mum-and-dad duo, and they should probably write a parenting book soon. Need proof? In a recent interview with Us Magazine, Legend revealed he has to think about not swearing around his 16-month-old daughter, Luna.

Legend isn’t necessarily known for having a potty mouth as much as he is for composing sweet, tender love songs. Now his wife, on the other hand, might be struggling with the no-swearing policy. You know, since she’s the clap-back queen who doesn’t shy away from using an ‘F-bomb’ when it’s needed. AKA, when tabloids start divorce rumours or Instagram trolls shoe-shame Luna.

But seeing as Chrissy Teigen is basically the best mum ever, we’re not worried about her.

Legend explained how Luna’s expanding vocabulary is forcing him to think before he speaks.

'I feel like I have to think about that now,' he told Us.

'I think the key with kids is you have to talk as much as you can around them. Hearing a lot of words helps them become more verbal. We’re all trying to be as verbal as possible around her.'

Considering that Teigen generally only swears when discussing politics on Twitter, we’re guessing that most of the conversation Luna hears revolves around food.

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Legend also gave an update on baby Luna’s growth.

'She’s walking and talking. She’s not really saying full sentences but she thinks she is,' Legend continued. 'She can really understand us a lot more than I thought she would by this time.'

It’s so sweet to hear Legend gushing about his daughter. Even though she’s not speaking in full sentences yet, that isn’t stopping Chrissy from putting her to work.

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Stop! The cuteness is too much to handle.

It’s basically in baby Luna’s genes to be the coolest person ever, so we can’t wait to hear what she has to say when she does start speaking. She’ll probably have a lot of great insights about the Real Housewives just like her mum.

Pardon our swearing, Luna, but we really fucking love your parents.

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