This is officially Joe Biden's favourite Obama bromance meme

Yes, he has a favourite. And yes, it's a good one.

Yes, he has a favourite. And yes, it's a good one.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were the ultimate Whitehouse bromance. The former President and Vice President of the United States were often spotted hugging, giggling and generally having a right good time at work during their eight years in office.

Of course, these wonderful moments were captured and soon memes of their friendship were going viral. People couldn't get enough of their bromance, and they even had Instagram accounts dedicated to them (take a look at the Joebamabromance page - it will make your day).

There was the one with Biden looking longingly at Obama:

Then there were the Donald Trump-themed memes that sprung up when the new President was preparing to move in:

So for all of those Obama-Biden fans who miss seeing the pair together, Biden has revealed exactly which of all the hundreds of memes is his favourite.

And we have to say, it's a pretty good one.

Biden's daughter, Ashley, spoke to Money-ish and revealed that when her father saw the following meme of himself hugging Obama, it had him 'sat there for an hour laughing.'

Of course, his favourite meme would be this intimate moment between the two...

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Great choice, Biden.

But for good measure, we'll just leave our favourite one right here because it's possibly the cutest moment between the two, and also the most hilarious meme...

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