Jennifer Aniston just confirmed a Friends reunion theory and we’re obsessed

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  • After ten years of being there for us, Friends left our screens in 2004 – leaving a Central Perk shaped hole in our hearts – and we’re still not over it.

    Yes, it may have been 15 years since Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey made their last appearances but it still feels like it was just yesterday.

    We’re still deeply invested in Rachel and Ross’ tumultuous relationship, we’ve never given up hope on Parker (Alec Baldwin) coming back into our lives, and we can’t believe how quickly the Friends children have grown up. Are we the only ones confused by our feelings for Ben now that he’s grown up and starring in Riverdale?

    It’s hardly surprising therefore that the Friends reunion pretty much broke the internet last month.

    The reunion was a hit from start to finish, featuring cameos from Lady Gaga, Malala, David Beckham and Justin Bieber. Not to mention, some of our favourite Friends guest stars returned for the special, from Janice, Gunther and Joey’s hand twin to Richard, Mr Heckles and of course Jack and Judy Geller.

    It was Jennifer Aniston that made the most news however, as she confirmed a Friends reunion theory about her outfit.

    Her outfit for the Friends reunion was of course a sleeveless turtleneck, something fans were quick to speculate was a decision in order to pay tribute to her character, Rachel Green.

    This week, Jen took to her Instagram stories to seemingly confirm the theories, posting a series of photographs of her character dressed in sleeveless turtlenecks along with a snap of her at the reunion.

    BRB – off to scour the web for sleeveless turtleneck jumpers immediately.


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