Jay-Z has broken his silence over Lemonade

The music mogul has kept silent until now...

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The music mogul has kept silent until now...

When Beyonce's explosive new album Lemonade was released last month it sparked a storm of speculation about one of the most high profile marriages in the world.

Beyonce did not hold back, throwing out thinly veiled references to infidelity and lack of trust within her marriage. 'This is your final warning / You know I give you life / If you try this sh*t again / You gon' lose your wife' she sang.

But while the world was chattering about what appeared to be an almighty case of airing your dirty linen in public, the target of the speculation himself stayed silent.

But now, a month on, Jay-Z has finally addressed the rumours. And he's done it in Jay-Z style through the medium of rap.

In his new song All The Way Up (released to Tidal - obviously) he raps 'You know you made it, when the fact your marriage made it, is worth millions.' He also references Beyonce's album name with 'Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is', which is also a line from Gang Starr's 1992 hip-hop track DWYCK. He also pays homage to Prince. 'Prince left his masters where they safe and sound / We never gonna let the elevator take him down.'

Despite the album appearing to air some grievances, Beyonce has suggested her marriage is on the mend since its release. She dedicated a rendition of 'Halo' to Jay-Z when her Formation tour kicked off late last month. 'I want to dedicate this song to my family' she said, 'thank you guys for supporting me. I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful husband, I love you so much.'

Lucy Pavia