Jade's final letter to sons

Revealed: Jade Goody's last letter to her boys

Jade Goody, celebrity news, Marie Claire
Jade Goody, celebrity news, Marie Claire

Revealed: Jade Goody's last letter to her boys

Jade Goody's poignant last letter to her two sons, written in the weeks leading up to her death, is to be published to raise funds for cancer sufferers.

A book, entitled Remember Me This Way, will go on sale next Monday to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and contains the letter, as well as a picture album of images that the reality TV star compiled for her two boys, Freddie, 5 and Bobby, 4.

The letter reads, 'Dear Bobby and Freddie - I have asked for this book to be made so that when you are older, you can remember just how much fun we had.

'I thank God that we made the most of our time together and I treasure the moments we shared.'

Featuring hundreds of photos of the reality TV star, the album includes intimate family holiday shots of Jade and the boys in Abu Dhabi last year, and snaps of Jade and Jack paddling on a trip to Wales.

'These are my most precious memories,' the letter explained. 'Some person much wiser than me once said that if you never discovered something you would die for, then you haven’t lived.

'Well, you are both proof that I have lived. I will love you always. Mummy.'



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