J-Lo's 9-year-old daughter just made her mum a dress, and it's really impressive

Could she be the new gen Victoria Beckham?

Could she be the new gen Victoria Beckham?

Words – Lauren Saccone

When you’re a celebrity, designers are dying to dress you up in their most gorgeous outfits – the biggest names in fashion want you to wear their looks when walking down the red carpet. You can pretty much pick and choose whoever you want to dress you; so when Jennifer Lopez chooses a designer to wear, people take notice. In this case, it was a very exclusive designer indeed: her daughter, Emme.

Emme has apparently inherited her mother’s flair for design and fascination with fashion.

The 9-year-old has already learned how to sew, a skill that J. Lo admits she does not possess. But Emme isn’t content to play around with simple projects; She likes to challenge herself and push the limits, and she did so in the sweetest way possible.

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For Christmas, Emme decided to make her famous mother a one-of-a-kind dress. After confirming J-Lo’s favourite colour (emerald green, in case you were wondering), Emme set to work. She selected the fabric, designed the dress, and sewed it herself. Now that’s a thoughtful (and work-intensive) Christmas present.

So how did the dress turn out? According to J-Lo, it was perfect. It fit like a dream, the colour was spot-on, and the design was just the sort of thing that the Shades of Blue actress loves: high in the front and low in the back.

It sounds like little Emme is already a whiz at designing and turning her creations into reality. Mum J-Lo already has her own shoe collection and a clothing line at Kohl’s, so could we perhaps see her daughter’s looks on the runway one day?

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