Is Russell Brand the world’s worst boyfriend? (don’t worry, we’ve all had one)

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  • Russell Brand's had more new girlfriends that we've had hot dinners since he hit the limelight - but exactly what it is that makes him so attractive?

    Newsflash. Russell Brand’s got a new girlfriend (yes, another one) – his 6th since splitting from Katy Perry, if you believe what you read. Statistically, his track record isn’t great, but somehow, the girls still come running.

    So just what it is that makes him so appealing?


    Poor old Katy Perry might be asking herself the very same thing.

    Ever since Russ’s career began (and probably before), the long-haired Brit boy has had a steady stream of ladies falling at his feet.

    In fact Marie Claire’s own, straight laced, married-with-two-children features writer fell head over heels during an interview for this very magazine, such were his winning charms.

    But from a man who happily wonders ‘how long is it polite to continue to be interested in what someone says after they reveal they’ve got a boyfriend?’ and whose most famous quotes include: ‘It’s no coincidence that monogamy sounds so much like monotony,’ (urgh!) this really shouldn’t be the case.

    Ordinarily, the aforementioned sentence would be enough to send us running (in the opposite direction, preferably, or just as far away as possible), but there’s just something about this guy.

    And everyone’s had a boyfriend like it.

    He’s bad for you, you know he is, yet you just can’t help yourself. But is it that we know they’re unattainable, or at the very least unretainable, that makes us want them more?

    Katy Perry learnt the hard way – and even married her bad boy – after falling for his magical charms, and telling everyone who would listen that he’d changed.

    Fast forward fourteen months months and her London lothario had filed for divorce, leaving a shell-shocked ex-wife in his wake.

    Despite the bad publicity, there’ve been no shortage of girlfriends for lucky Russell since. His sparkling personality, rugged good looks, way with words (is he really as bad as we thought?!), or whatever it is that enthralls us so, has clearly erased the past.

    Exactly how he does it, we’re really not sure. One thing we do know, is that he’ll probably never change…

    Is Russell Brand your ultimate bad boy? Or would he make a good boyfriend after all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below…



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