Robert Pattinson: 'I read Fifty Shades of Grey when it was Twilight fan fiction'

Robert Pattinson admitted that he enjoyed the erotic novel

Robert Pattinson at Cosmopolis premiere
Robert Pattinson at Cosmopolis premiere
(Image credit: Rex Features)

Robert Pattinson admitted that he enjoyed the erotic novel

Robert Pattinson might have expressed disdain when he was reportedly snubbed by EL James for a role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie - but it turns out the Twilght star is a long-term fan of the raunchy books.

In an interview with MTV News's After Hours show the Twilight heartthrob admitted that he had checked out fan fiction when he got the role as Edward Cullen in the films of the book series.

But there was one story in particular which he enjoyed - Master of the Universe, written by EL James under the psuedonym Snowqueens Icedragon.

Famously, this formed the basis for what would later become Fifty Shades of Grey.

Pattinson also added that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is 'a little bit of a perv' for writing all about vampire and human sexual politics.

Who should play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Check out our video below.



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