This is how Khloe Kardashian hid her pregnancy for so long

The 33-year-old had some very sneaky tactics...

Khloe Kardashian
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The 33-year-old had some very sneaky tactics...

There's somewhat of a baby boom going on in the Kardashian-Jenner family right now.

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West welcomed their third child via a surrogate earlier this week, Kylie Jenner is rumoured to be expecting and Khloe Kardashian confirmed her pregnancy in December.

Now Khloe, 33, has opened up about how she first discovered she was a mum-to-be, revealing that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson suspected before she did.

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In a new post on her app, Khloe writes: 'Tristan was the one who kept telling me: "I think you're pregnant." He was leaving town to go back to Toronto, and I went to get a pregnancy test. I actually had to FaceTime him to tell him. I was nervous, and he was so excited!

'Of course, it's such a blessing and such an exciting thing—but I do believe your initial reaction is always nerves.

'I'm so blessed that Tristan has been beyond supportive! He's helped me overcome any fear or anxiety that I have! He's always so reassuring and confident about everything when it comes to our baby.

'Having a partner that is equally as excited as you are, and is such a support system, is crucial! Tristan has been an angel to me! This process is trying—physically and mentally—but Tristan has made everything as easy and beautiful as it can be! More than I could have imagined.'

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Khloe managed to hide her big news for an impressive amount of time, revealing just days after her pregnancy announcement that she was six months along.

How did she do this? Well, she puts it all down to her clever fashion decisions.

Continuing her blog post, Khloe explains: 'I can't even believe I hid my bump for as long as I did, lol. It took a few styling sessions, serious strategy and a s--t-ton of courage, but it worked!

'I had already let the cat outta the bag when I wore this Whyte Studio coat, but I've worn a million versions of it in the last six months. I almost never left home without one! So comfy—and zero eyes on the bump.

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'I went super girly for Kim's baby shower. Little did everyone know I had a bun in my oven, too! A cinched waist with a flared, A-line hem is so $$$ for hiding a small bulge. It flows loosely at the exact right spot.'

She also says 'nothing is more distracting than a chic pattern' and that a well-placed accessory like 'a faux-fur blanket, a giant purse—or both' helped her out.

It's lovely to see how excited Khloe and Tristan are to be starting their family together. Congratulations again, guys!