Hince baby promise to Kate Moss

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  • Has Jamie Hince promised Kate Moss a baby?

    Jamie Hince has reportedly offered on-off (currently off) girlfriend Kate Moss a baby to patch up their relationship.

    The couple are on another break from their relationship but, contrary to rumours they split because of Kate’s non-stop partying, reports have now emerged the real reason they split was because Kate wants a baby, and Jamie’s just not ready – until now, that is.

    Friends suggested Kate and Jamie’s recent split was ‘final’, but, while on tour with his band The Kills in the States, the guitarist has decided he wants to work things out – and is willing to consider babies.

    One of the rocker’s friends told The Sun: ‘Jamie is upset Kate is being painted as this party animal who ruined their relationship with her wild ways. The reality is far from that.

    ‘In fact, they split over her wanting to start trying for children.

    ‘It’s a problem that has been rumbling on for a while and came to a head recently.

    Jamie told her he didn’t want to commit to that while things were still going well with his band and he was away on tour so much.

    ‘But she argued that could remain the case for years and she didn’t want to wait that long before having another child.’

    The source added: ‘Now Jamie misses her and has been struggling with the thought of being apart from her for a good while in the States on tour.’

    Kate and Jamie have been together for a year, and the supermodel already has a six-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.

    Now, allegedly, she’s ready for another one, and Jamie is prepared to discuss it when he returns from his tour in two weeks.

    The source concluded: ‘When he returns he is ready to back down over the baby issue to save his relationship.

    ‘He’s sure they can get things back on track.’

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