You’ll never guess which Harry Potter actress is now a body builder

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  • Accio abs.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    It may be six years since the last Harry Potter film emotionally broke us (love you, Fred) but we’re not quite done talking about the franchise just yet. We’ve been lucky enough to get even more of the wizarding world in the form of Fantastic Beasts – with a nice dollop of Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore – but when it comes to the actors in the original movies, we’re still kind of obsessed with them.

    When we found out that the cast has a secret HP WhatsApp group we almost lost it. When Luna Lovegood, aka Evanna Lynch, decided to create vegan Harry Potter food tutorials we were heady with bliss.

    So when we found out that one Harry Potter actress has swapped Hogwarts for hamstring curls, and is now a competing fitness goddess we immediately wanted to scream.

    Danielle Tabor, who played Quidditch extraordinaire Angelina Johnson in the first three Harry Potter films, has ditched the broom and started her own fitness empire. She is now an online coach and shares fitness inspiration with her 20,000 Instagram followers.

    TAKING IT ALL TOO SERIOUSLY: I can still feel how I felt the day I walked into Tammy girl & tried on a crop top n shorts & thought 'I dont look like the other girls in school' I remember the 1000 calorie diet I went on for a holiday with my teeny best friend, I remember the tears when hipster jeans would make my muffin top look more, muffiny, the mood I would get in when my legs looked 'too chunky' the conversation we all have about wanting to detox, juice cleanse, jus loose 5lb for holiday. The fear of bread, the fear of gluten,the fear of not tracking, the fear of the gym, the fear of missin a work out, the fear of not fitting in, not looking like Kate moss, Kim K, the fear of not looking good enough, closely translated to not 'being' good enough. I remember the tantrum I threw 6 wks into BBG cos I dint look like the transformation pics, the stress of needing… We may have memories that taint our world now. We have taken it all very seriously. Even our friends who say things to ridicule this lifestyle choice like 'I jus dont wanna think about food that much' in reaction to macro counting & yet moan about not loosing weight, ever?we all, have at some point, taken it a lil too seriously & when I put it into context, I find that a hard pill to swallow. That I have given so much time & energy to such an illusion. That I wish the penny had dropped yrs ago that we have the ability to feel good by our own standards. We can (shock horror) be happy & still not look like (our ideal body) Its hard. To forget the negative feelings we have built up in accosiation to our body image Daily, they creep into my head. But this journey isnt about irradicating them with a quick fix of postive chai namastè vibes (this does help) but its about consistently talking those thoughts away. Consistently thinking to every shit thought, 2 thoughts filled with love. I am not immune to my own crap self talk. Im jus gettin better at not batting it with (ah Ill lose weight tomorrow) but instead askin myself 'why does it matter so much?' This doesnt mean we jus 'eat crap n stop exercising' it jus allows it to be fun. We can v happy along the way.

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    Danielle often competes in bikini competitions and uses her Instagram account as a means of tracking her fitness journey, as well as encouraging others to care less about what they think they should look like, and more about loving their bodies.

    ‘Being happy meant being proud I had meal prepped, gettin in my workouts, seein my body change & develop by my own coaching standards. It meant eating out but probably sashimi, having soul foods but planned ones, never spontaneous. It meant doing something I thought I never could do,’ she explained.

    BIKINI COMP SEASON, WHY WE DO IT: The season is in full swing. My feed is full of bikini comp related lean bean bods? Never in a million yrs did u think I'd be 10kg heavier a yr later. Eating what I'd say was probably maintence cals (clearly not) but no more than 1800-2000 on average & still training 6days per wk. Which shows, my body/horemones waned one thing, & my mind/ego…another. Perhaps I could have tried harder. Eaten 50g of fat & not 60g per wk. I could have not binged in Santorini, could hav said no to prosecco fries icecream more times. But here I am. In the present moment, having done my journey this way. More & more girls are doin bikini comps. & I hear the reasons 'wanting to challenge myslef' 'want to see if I have the discipline to do it' 'it's a sport & I wana b an athlete' I get it. These things were reasons I waned to try it too. Along the way & I was immensely proud I could prove my strength. But what (some not all) girls aren't admitting is one of the big reasons we try it is, we think it will push us to finally get the bod we want. That it is a fast track to an end goal. That it will actually give us the reason to really stick to training & tracking. Don't get me wrong. It did prove so much to me. I could change my bod, work hard, stay focused, & I don't regret it for a 2nd. But some of us arent ready for the aftermath. For it not being a fast track, but a pause button, if not a back track, in our fitness journey. Look I see some girls 6 months post comp still looking '2 weeks out lean' & I have to admit, sometimes the thoughts 'what did I do wrong' they have abs & quad lines, n that butt dimple on the side (the non cellulite one) & I have thoughts that I failed & suck at post comp/fitness. But this is a reminder that some girls may be able to do that (U don't know their story) Jus focus on urs. Don't go into this world with expectations ur bod will always play ball & stay shredded. Don't go in negative either, but don't attach urself to the idea that ul get to 13%BF & maintain at 15%BF & DON'T. This journey looks different for every 1. Really ask urself why ur doin something & if u really want the head fart for 1 day of the yr TBC⬇⬇⬇

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    ‘Being happy means, seeing my new curves from a whole new perspective. It means comparing it less, taking my size less seriously. Bein happy means touring & eating cheesecake. It means dinner out with friends & family & knowing it doesn’t have 2 be sushi. Its connecting with people across the other side of the world u met on the internet & sharing stories & havin convos about what we are passionate about. [sic]

    ‘Neither version is wrong. Its my journey & relevant to that moment in time. Let ur ideas change, as well as ur bod. Don’t fight it. Embrace it.[sic]’

    We’ll toast a Butterbeer to that.

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