Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass turns gay!

Ed Westwick has his eyes on another man in next season's Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans look away now, one of your favourite pin-ups has his eye on a new paramour in the new series – and it’s not a female one.

Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass, notoriously swung both ways in the original Gossip Girl novels, written by Cecily von Ziegesar, but it’s taken until season three for writers behind the hit TV show to bring some same-sex action to the small screen.

According to snoops in the States, Bass gets up, close and personal with new character Josh Ellis, the ‘head of freshman affairs at NYU.

So, who’s the lucky man in real life? New face Neal Bledsoe, whose CV so far includes bit parts in CSI: New York and Lipstick Jungle.

The twist to the story? It’s Chuck’s new girlfriend, Blair, who pimps her man out to Ellis in the hope of being chosen to deliver the all-important freshman speech.

How come Neighbours was never this juicy?

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