Gigi Hadid shares the career she'd have picked if she hadn't become a model

The top model and face of Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime talks channelling positivity, farm life and why she’d love to be invisible in My Beauty Rules...

Gigi Hadid
(Image credit: 2019 Edward Berthelot)

The top model and face of Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime talks channelling positivity, farm life and why she’d love to be invisible in My Beauty Rules...

I use fragrance to start my day on a positive note

I think a scent can really set a mood for the day. I particularly love the smell of jasmine in Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime, £70 for 50ml. It makes for such a fresh and playful scent and mentally brings me back to my most carefree days, when I’m just wearing a t-shirt, no make-up and running around in the sunshine.I’ll wear it on my wrist, neck and in my hair.

If I had a superpower it would be invisibility

I sometimes need to check out of the craze of everyday life and social media so I use nostalgia to get me back to my happy place. Our family farm in Pennsylvaniais my safe haven. It’s where I’m able to recharge mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whenever I’m stressed, I definitely think of being back at the farm and will come up with a to-do list of things I want to make or activities that bring me peace away from the city. I love spending my days outdoors being creative.

Don’t let negative energy stay with you

That’s my advice if you want to avoid stress. Whatever it is that clears your mind and brings it to a peaceful place is important and will always have a positive effect, whether that’s writing, cooking, doing art or getting enough sleep.

As a child I went to an Olympic sports psychologist to learn how to think like a professional athlete and deal with pressure. Those lessons have helped me so much in my professional life.I intentionally go to work every day and try to be someone people like to work with. That has just always felt right to me. I believe most in working and living with integrity.

I always feel my best when I’m well-rested

Even a 30-minute nap during my lunch break helps me feel energised and excited to take on the rest of the day. It’s one reason I love the Headspace app. You can get specific meditation and sound sessions for what it is you’re dealing with in the moment to help you relax.

My everyday make-up regime is simple

Just moisturiser, Maybelline FITme Concealer where needed, a little contour using Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour V Shape Duo Stick and Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Blonde. Sometimes I’ll add in a little mascara and blush.

When it comes to staying fit, I think everything is about balance

I don’t pressure myself but I try to be nutritionally balanced and do workouts that make me happy. Staying active generally is just as important as going to the gym in my opinion.

If I hadn’t been a model…

I would have graduated college for Criminal Psychology and possibly gone on to try culinary school. I think I’ll always end up in a creative field.

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