10 moments you may have missed from THAT Friends reunion

A 'no-sex' contract, the reality of Monica's apartment and how Chandler somehow made an appearance...


A 'no-sex' contract, the reality of Monica's apartment and how Chandler somehow made an appearance...

12 years on, Friends is still as funny as ever. We watch it all the time, and despite the fact we know each word off by heart, we still find it absolutely hilarious.

But even with our comedy box sets and the fact it’s always on TV to soothe us and cheer us up, we can’t quite shake off just how much we miss it – and how much we wish the cast would just get back together, produce some fresh material and make us laugh once again.

And after weeks of back and forth denials and confirmations, the Friends reunion we've all been waiting for has finally happened.

This is everything you may have missed from the best night ever...

It wasn't really a Friends reunion Though we lost our minds thinking the gang were getting back together for a special reunion episode, it turns out the night was really all about James Burrows - the legendary director of sitcoms such as Cheers, Taxi and Will and Grace - as his former TV show casts honoured his long career in television.

Chandler Bing made an appearance after all After destroying fans' hearts by saying he wouldn't be attending the show, Matthew Perry pulled it out of the bag by welcoming the rest of his former castmates with a pre-recorded video straight from London, as he rehearsed his new play, The End Of Longing.

Bravo's Andy Cohen was the Friends MC Who else would be able to handle the collective amazingness of the Friends cast? Hosting Real Housewives reunions definitely gave Andy the experience he needed to handle these cast members.

Let's talk about sex Not one to shy away from awkward questions, MC Andy straight up asked the Friends if they signed contracts 'saying that you wouldn't sleep with each other?' David Schwimmer's reply? 'Well, that was broken.'


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The secret behind that apartment Ever wondered how Monica afforded that huuuuuge New York apartment? 'Rent control' thought Matt LeBlanc, though Courteney Cox seemed to think the character inherited it. Well if we had that apartment, we wouldn't really question it either...

They were *really* BFFs As if we didn't already know this, Courteney admitted that the three girls were just as close IRL as on the show, revealing that the threesome had lunch everyday on set for 10 years.

We're not crying, you're crying...

Source: NBC via Giphy.com

Icons repeated Speaking on Burrows' impact on the show, Lisa Kudrow explained that the director helped them get into character by basing each of them on an iconic character from telly. Monica was Mary Tyler Moore, Joey was Tony Danza from Taxi, and Phoebe was Taxi's Reverend Jim, played by Christopher Lloyd. They were there for each other During the show's first season, the cast usually got together to watch the episodes together, with Matt saying that they even gave each other notes.

They loved the flashbacks Though fans are conflicted about the flashback episodes, the cast admitted they were their favourites to film, with Jennifer Aniston in particular giving a shoutout to fat Monica, pre-nose job Rachel and of course, THAT Ross perm.

The favourites And finally, the cast even said what they're favourite episodes were. Matt's was the episode where Ross gets hit in the face with a hockey puck, Courteney's was 'The One With The Blackout' from Season One and David's was the episode where Ross gets his back clawed by a cat.

Not sure we agree, but... As you do.

The event aired on Sunday 21 February, and featured the original cast of David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow – AKA Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe.

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Previously, NBC released a teaser clip giving us a glimpse of the reunited cast. Seeing them all together (kind of) is WAY emotional. They get asked about sleeping together too, you need to watch without delay.

 David Schwimmer, AKA Ross, previously told reporters that the reunion has been blown out of proportion due to Matthew being out of the country.

Calling the rumours of a reunion 'completely inaccurate', Schwimmer said: 'I mean, in no way is it a Friends reunion when one member is out of the country.'

'But look,' he added, 'it's a great event. We all love James Burrows and I'm sure Matthew Perry would be there if he could, but he's working in London. Maybe one day there will be [a reunion], but this will not be it.

'Look, I think it's lovely,' he said of Friends' ongoing popularity. 'I love that people are that into the show and I would love to see the six of us together and I'm sure one day we will be.'

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Matt, bless him, took to Twitter to express his excitement, writing: ‘Should be a good time!’ which Lisa then retweeted.

Although NBC’s chairman Robert Greenblatt warned that it might not be possible to get all six cast members ‘in the room at the same time’, saying ‘I’m not sure we can logistically pull it off’, we’ll take any form of reunion we can get, and if that means Chandler's mean boss made him move to London because he fell asleep in a meeting again, that's fine with us.

The special will be part of NBC’s tribute to sitcom director James Burrows to celebrate him shooting 1,000 episodes, including 15 of Friends.

The two-hour special will also include casts from other shows he has directed, such as Will and Grace, Frasier, Cheers and Mike and Molly.

We’re assuming these will be separate skits – although who wouldn’t want to see Frasier Crane and Ross Geller meet for the first time?

12 years on, Emma will nearly be a teenager, Monica and Chandler’s twins will be all grown up – and Ben must be about 23 (gulp).

Who knows what else has gone on while the camera has been off the characters – maybe Phoebe and Mike have children of their own now. Maybe they've even named one of them Consuela Bananahammock.

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Would Rachel and Ross still be together? We hope so, but given their tumultuous history, it’s not a certainty by any means.

And Joey – will he have settled down or will he still be sleeping and eating his way through New York?

Is Janice still in the picture? What’s Gunther up to? So many questions… and only a month to wait.

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