Final line-up of celebs enter Big Brother house. Who's in?

Tensions are high as CBB 7 gets underway. Here's who to watch out for...

Alex Reid & Davina McCall
Alex Reid & Davina McCall
(Image credit: David Fisher/Rex Features)

Tensions are high as CBB 7 gets underway. Here's who to watch out for...

That's it then - the line-up for the last-ever series of Celebrity Big Brother is revealed.

Housemates include hard man footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones, who is reportedly being paid the highest fee for the 27 day-long run, receiving £350,000.

Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin could collect £150,000 for his participation, while former Dynasty actress Stephanie Beacham is expected to net £100,000.

Born-again former cocaine addict Baldwin caused a stir in the house when he was introduced to one-time Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss.

Her greeting, ‘I've seen YOU before,' was met with a hurried ‘It's been a long time,' from him.

However, the spotlight is sure to fall on other relationships in the house - most notably between Katie Price's former squeeze, the singer/DJ Dane Bowers, and her current partner, cage fighter Alex Reid.

Dane entered the house with a large smudge of concealer above his eye, despite assuring host Davina McCall that rumours of a not-so-festive beating from Reid were unfounded.

He added that he and Reid ‘got on OK', but both men later looked uncomfortable when fellow housemates quizzed Dane about his appearance as Reid looked on.

Unpopular Reid received a rocky reception from the crowd outside the studio, but his reported £175,000 fee - upped by £20,000 if he agrees to reveal his cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne on screen - will surely compensate.

It certainly overshadows the £35,000 payday expected for Bowers and the other lowest-paid celeb in there, Lady Sovereign, the grime MC.

Programme bosses obviously hope to cash in on relationship gossip, as model Ekaterina Ivanova, who is famous for having an affair with Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

The line-up is completed by Thong Song singer Sisqo, plus two contenders clearly picked more for their sex appeal than their celebrity value.

A page 3 model called Nicola T, as well as the liberally minded Swedish DJ Basshunter (Jonas Altberg), complete the crew.

It looks like Jonas could be the surprise package of the whole caboodle. Bookies have already named him, alongside the unpredictable Vinnie Jones, as a potential favourite to win.



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