David Beckham Gets Fat-Shamed By Harper, But Admits He Loves To Embarrass His Kids

David Beckham made the comments on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Photo of David Beckham
Photo of David Beckham

David Beckham made the comments on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

He's often voted one of the world's sexiest men, so it's quite surprising to hear David Beckham got a bit of a dressing down from 3-year-old daughter, Harper.

Speaking to chat show host, Jimmy Kimmel, David said, '"My little girl turned 'round to me the other day...I'd just bathed her and I was in the bath as well, so I got her out and you know, I was toweling her down and she said, "Daddy, I love you so much but I don't like you, you're so chubby!" I mean, I didn't think I was!'.

David thinks this might be down to his new job as the family taxi driver and the hours spend driving the kids to school: 'To be honest, I've become a taxi driver overnight with the kids, I'm literally an Uber driver now. I take them from seven in the morning to the schools - I have four drop-offs at four different schools - so I get that done in an hour and fifteen minutes. Then I pick my little girl up at 12, and then the boys at four, and then the boys train in a soccer academy every single night of the week so I'm busy every night until 9:30 and then I'm at home.'

It seems David is happy in his new role as taxi driver, adding, 'It's great. I've been playing football for the last 22 years, not always with the family, of course, I travel a lot. It's nice to actually be at home and spend some time with them and be a taxi driver.'

The footballer also admitted that his four kids are often embarrassed by him, but David still goes out of his way to make things worse on the school run: 'The younger one obviously loves me taking her to school. The two smaller boys, they love it, apart from my middle son Romeo, who's 12, he's just started - as soon as I take him into school, I'll go to kiss him and he'll turn his cheek. I will then pick him up and give him a bear hug and kiss him in front of his friends.'

'That happens with him and then my eldest, Brooklyn, who's 16 in March, I take him to school and he says to me, "Daddy, park around the corner." Sorry, "Dad, park around the corner," not Daddy, he's passed that. He tells me to park him around the corner, and then he gets out and he walks 'round to his school. He did it to me the other day after doing it about five times on the trot, so I'm driving around and he's just walking in his school, and I open the window and I said, "Brooklyn! I love you!" Obviously it didn't go down very well.'

Even Victoria couldn't change their minds... 'Victoria did have to remind them the other day, "Actually, you've got quite a cool dad". It didn't seem to make any difference.'

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