Courteney's new show 'too steamy'

Courtney Cox's new series is branded 'too steamy' by US censors

Courteney Cox LL
Courteney Cox LL

Courtney Cox's new series is branded 'too steamy' by US censors

Courteney Cox Arquette's raunchy new TV series has landed her in hot water with US censors. The former Friends star is currently filming Cougar Town – a comedy about a fortysomething single mother of a teenage son with a liking for younger men, including her son's friends!

TV executives at ABC knew the show was going to be quite racy, but say the series has pushed the boundaries too far.

The script is stuffed full of none-too-subtle references to kinky sex, swearing, sex with boys as young as 15 and more 'filthy' goings-on, says The National Enquirer.

Now the show’s bosses and US censors have appealed to Courteney, who is also executive producer of Cougar Town, to tone down the X-rated factor.

They want her to take it from 'filthy' to 'edgy', says the US gossip paper.

The 44-year-old's new series is due to be broadcast this autumn, but unless Courteney agrees to the changes, she could find herself looking for a new job.

After Sex and the City, we thought no taboo had been left unturned. But a sexy, daring and unconventional woman in her 40s may still be too much for US audiences. 

What would Samantha say?!


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