You can now get through a box-set waaaaay quicker

You're about to slow down time, literally

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You're about to slow down time, literally

Do you ever feel like you can't possibly keep up with everything you want to watch or listen to? Yes, us too. Nowadays there's a podcast, series, film and documentary on everything so it's no wonder that our watch-list is ever growing. And how about trying to keep up-to-date with the water cooler chat series everyone else in your office is watching? The to do list is endless.

If you don't have time to hibernate a whole weekend and binge watch everything, these culture cramming apps might be for you. A speeding up app will allow you to be up to speed with all your favourite shows without sacrificing your life. But how does it work?

Rightspeed allows you to adjust the listening speed of podcasts and thanks to its function, automatic speed ramping (ASR), you won't even really be able to tell that the speech has been sped up, but you'll save yourself a decent amount of time. Creator Max Deutsch managed to get up to 5.4x faster without even realising it because we talk at around 200 words per minute in real life but the typical audio recording is only 155 words a minute.

And when it comes to bingeing on the best box-sets ever, you might want to adjust it just a tweak to get through it all that tiny bit faster. Google Chrome now has an extension called Video Speed Controller that allows you to accelerate Netflix, Amazon Prime and Vimeo with the click of that old-school but familiar fast forward button.

Although, be warned that you don't want to speed up any show too much or you might get to the point where the actor's voices are a whole pitch higher or something. In fact, Courteney Cox tried it with an old Friends episode and could barely recognise her own voice, so approach with caution.

Delphine Chui