Courteney Cox's daughter Coco Arquette is now a music video star

She's following in her mum's footsteps

courteney cox

She's following in her mum's footsteps

Words by Lindsey Sirera

It seems the old adage 'like mama, like daughter' holds true again! Courteney Cox’s daughter is following in her famous mama’s footsteps with a breakthrough acting role in a music video. Starring in Monogem’s all-new Wild music video, Coco Arquette is featured as a young and carefree teenager alongside pal Matthew RC Taylor. The two rendezvous for a night of fun, acting just as young and carefree teenagers would.

A night of popcorn, pizza, movie-watching, dressing up and playing with funky makeup (and then jumping fully-clothed in the pool) ensues. And by the looks of it, Coco’s got some natural acting chops!

'The video is a dreamy and colourful story about two best friends,' indie-pop artist Monogem told LadyGunn of the music video.

'I thought it would be interesting to create a visual showing two young teenagers getting wild in their own unique way.

'Amidst the kids’ smoky, neon reality, the boy is cross-dressing for the first time in a safe and comfortable environment without any judgement. That is a beautiful thing. With all of the craziness going on in the world today, I felt compelled to deliver this message and lyric to our very important younger generation: Life’s too short to not live wild.'

Courteney Cox fans will recall that the veteran actress made one her own breakout performance in a music video as well—Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. Her appearance was an audience plant invited to jump up onstage then dance with Bruce during a live concert (cue the jealousy!).

Clearly, the role catapulted her on to some seriously big things like Family Ties and eventually Friends. Meaning that this could be the first of many doors to open for 12-year-old Coco.

And considering that she’s got papa David Arquette’s star acting genes in her blood as well, we’re certain this is the first of many great roles to come for the talented teenage star.

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