Cheryl Cole to miss out on US X Factor job?

Mrs C will not be one of the judges on the US version of the X Factor, according to reports

Cheryl Cole didn't get X Factor job
Cheryl Cole didn't get X Factor job
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Mrs C will not be one of the judges on the US version of the X Factor, according to reports

It is looking increasingly certain that Cheryl Cole will not be one of the judges on Simon Cowell's hotly-tipped new American X Factor show.

The Geordie beauty, who has been staying in the States with close friend Derek Hough, was hoping to secure a place on the hit show alongside Simon Cowell.

But it now appears that her hopes have been dashed, with several people speaking out to reveal her disappointment – including Hough’s stepfather.

He told the Sun: 'She didn't get the X Factor job. Our heart goes out to her.'

The X Factor ‘voice over man’ Peter Dickson, also let slip backstage at the BBC’s Comic Relief broadcast that the singer has missed out on the two-year contract worth a staggering £10 million.

'I think it's all in complete disarray,' he revealed. 'They have only just decided they are not going to have Cheryl on the panel.

'I have not heard anything from Simon about me providing the voice.'

Simon Cowell has further fuelled claims that Cole hasn’t been hired by insisting that the judges need to be Americans.

'I've got to have people on the panel with me who can judge American talent because I'm 51-years-old, I'm British and we've got people as young as 14 entering this competition. This is an American competition for American contestants.'

Rumours are now circulating that Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is in the running for a spot on the panel, alongside American record producer and songwriter Antonio LA Reid.

Who would YOU like to see on the American X Factor panel? Let us know in the comments box below.



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