Britney airbrushed for new single?

Britney's svelte comeback look prompts airbrush rumours

Marie Claire Celebrity News: Britney Spears Womanizer
Marie Claire Celebrity News: Britney Spears Womanizer

Britney's svelte comeback look prompts airbrush rumours

Has Britney Spears resorted to the airbrush for her new single Womanizer?

The comeback star may have been looking trim again of late, but the new promotional pics show an unrecognisable Spears looking remarkably slim, wearing nothing but a PVC bodysuit and stiletto heels.

Although Britney has indeed resorted to strict dieting since her infamous performance at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, the promotional images for her new single look flawless to the extreme, prompting rumours that airbrushing may have been used to ensure that the star returns to the limelight looking svelter than ever.

The single marks a return to the public arena for Spears after a tumultuous couple of years, which saw her shave her head, lose custody of her two sons, suffer a bitter divorce, and be hospitalised in a psychiatric ward.

An attempted comeback at last year's MTV awards was widely mocked after the singer appeared unfit and overweight during the disastrous performance.

Her return to the music scene has already seen a successful start. She picked up three MTV VMAs last month, and wowed the crowds in a glittering Versace dress.

Womanizer will be the first single from Britney's new album Circus, which is set for release on her 27th birthday, 2nd December.


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