Anne Hathaway’s co-stars forced filming to stop so she could pump breast milk

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  • 'I mean, who gets that?'

    The set of Ocean’s 8 sounds like it should basically be the model for all workplaces ever, since the stories about what it was like behind the scenes are so heartwarming. The all-female cast are currently on their press tour and it sounds like they were the best supportive coworkers around, especially when it came to sticking up for new mama Anne Hathaway.

    Anne previously revealed that the set was one of the most female-positive ones she had ever been on, as she had felt the pressure to ‘look a certain way’ as an actress and her co-stars were quick to rally behind her when she felt self-conscious about her postpartum weight. Well, they also were mindful of Anne’s other mama-related needs – namely, the fact that she needed to pump breast milk sometimes at inopportune moments.

    anne hathaway breastfeeding

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    After one shoot dragged on a bit, Anne revealed in an interview, ‘I remember there was one moment where we were shooting a little long, and I just kind of went, ‘Uhhh,’ and the girls were like ‘What’s wrong?’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry, I should have pumped an hour ago.’’

    The cast, about half of whom happen to be mothers, were completely empathetic. They put their foot down and made sure that Anne got the time she needed.

    Anne continued, ‘The girls just, like, formed around me, and they were like, ‘We need a break. We need a break. Annie needs to go do this.’ And it was just, like, I mean, who gets that?’

    It was a lovely wholesome moment and Anne quickly added that all women should be able to work in an environment where they could do that without the fear of being judged. Never one to keep things serious for long, Cate Blanchett stepped in with her trademark deadpan wit.

    She said, ‘We drank the milk after.’

    Anne wasn’t the only one who loved the set for its female-positive vibes, as screenwriter, actress and fellow mother Mindy Kaling related how their children were able to visit the set.

    Mindy said, ‘That was nice because there are so many mums here and it was nice to see, like with my daughter, how [my children] can weave into my life seamlessly.’

    More of this please. Given that Ocean’s 8 wound up earning the highest opening weekend for any film in the franchise, we’re hoping to see a sequel pretty soon – and more tales of female empowerment too.

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