Angelina Jolie interview

Angelina Jolie talks about her latest movie releases and preparing for her two new additions

Marie Claire red carpet photos: Angelina Jolie, SAGS
Marie Claire red carpet photos: Angelina Jolie, SAGS

Angelina Jolie talks about her latest movie releases and preparing for her two new additions

Before she gives birth to twins in August, Angelina Jolie has two more arrivals: action movie Wanted, in which she plays an assassin called The Fox, and children's animated adventure Kung Fu Panda, that sees her voice the high-kicking Tigress.

How would you describe your character in Wanted?

She is an assassin but she believes she kills bad people. She does it with a conscience.

Your co-star James McAvoy is not really known for action movies. Did you think he'd cut it?

Well, we think of him as this sweet fun guy - and he is - but he's also from Scotland and that's a tough place! You gotta be pretty tough when you're Scottish!

You've also leant your voice to a character in the new animated adventure Kung Fu Panda. Did you grow up watching martial arts movies?

Like everybody, I loved Bruce Lee. I just thought he was the greatest. I also loved Jackie Chan….my kids love him too. Jackie Chan and Jack Black, if they walked into my house, my kids would drop to the floor. Those two are the giants heroes of my household. And I love martial arts for children. My eldest son [Maddox] is getting into them, and when there are so many other things kids are doing at a desk, to get up and do something physical - especially to do with discipline and honour - I think is great.

You're about to give birth soon. Does this mean you're planning to take some time off?

I would love to take a giant amount of time off. The only project I have considered doing is Atlas Shrugged...but ideally I'd like to not go to work within the next year. That's the only project and I haven't read a script in a year. I'm not looking for more and I'm very happy to be home, and Brad's looking at working…

You have a big brood now. Did you always want a lot of children?

I went through a lot of my youth really thinking I was never going to be stable enough or calm enough and be able to give enough of myself as a parent. I always loved children, but I didn't know if I'd ever be ready enough to be a good mom. And I took it very seriously. But I always wanted to adopt. What surprised me is I never planned on having children biologically. I was dead set on just always adopting. That felt right to me and the children would be at home…I had no maternal desire to have children. But that changes when you meet somebody you love.

Wanted opens on 25 June. Kung Fu Panda opens on 4 July.

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