Angelina Jolie just made her Instagram debut in the most extra way

Bet she’ll be on Snapchat next

Angelina jolie instagram debut
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Bet she’ll be on Snapchat next

Words by Anna Clarke

Angelina Jolie’s notorious social media blackout has been broken at last, as she has finally halted the long silence and made her highly-anticipated debut appearance on Instagram - just six days before the Hollywood mega star is set to celebrate her 43rd birthday...

The Oscar-winning actress, who has avoided Twitter, Snapchat and Insta until now, was captured by fellow co-star Elle Fanning on set for the second instalment of the Maleficent franchise. Jolie is seen photobombing Elle, who poses for a cute selfie snap, wearing full-on Maleficent hair and makeup. Horns included, obvi.

The duo, who are both in London filming for the new follow-up movie, both look super happy and relaxed as they’re pictured smiling and Jolie flashes a peace sign. These two cuties are clearly having fun prepping for the new movie.

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But most notable of all is Jolie’s totally on-trend tiny sci-fi sunnies that she’s rocking. She’s clearly not a regular mum. She’s a cool mum.

Elle donned a fun pair of sunnies too—tinted gem-encrusted silver ones—and the pair of women were both wearing simple white dressing gowns, on set in their oh-so-glamourous trailers.

Elle Fanning, (who is Dakota Fanning 's sister if you didn't already know), is set to reprise her role as Princess Aurora in the sequel, also shared another snap where she is looking into the camera and Jolie has snuck up behind her.  From someone who was previously social media shy, she’s definitely turned it around quickly.

And while we know the other films Disney are releasing in the next 3 years, we can't wait for the next instalment of this classic Sleeping Beauty story.

In the new sequel, a live-action retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Jolie stars as Maleficent and is also one of the film’s producers, along with Joe Roth. Apparently, Jolie decided to take on the role because of her love of the title character, reports Digital Spy.

Maleficent 2 is due to hot our screens in 2019/ 2020, so quite a while to wait, but we hope we see more of Ange on Insta in the mean time...

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