Angelina Jolie has made further allegations of abuse against Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie has filed court papers against Brad Pitt, accusing her ex husband of attacking her and their children on a 2016 flight from France to Los Angeles.

The allegations surfaced this week in a lawsuit over Chateau Miraval, the former couple's French winery, with Jolie having sold her stake last year.

According to reports, Pitt alleged that the couple made an agreement upon the purchase of Chateau Miraval back in 2008 that they would never sell "their respective interests in the chateau without the other's consent". In February this year, the actor sued his ex-wife, allegedly claiming that he and the new co-owner were unable to agree on the direction of the company, and that he was now forced to share his private French residence with strangers.

This week, Angelina Jolie's legal team filed papers against Pitt, with new documents reportedly stating: "Jolie did offer to sell her interest in Chateau Miraval to Pitt, but in exchange for his purchase, Pitt demanded she sign a nondisclosure agreement that would have contractually prohibited her from speaking outside of court about Pitt’s physical and emotional abuse of her and their children. Jolie refused to agree to such a provision, and Pitt walked away from the deal." Pitt has denied this.

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The papers filed by Jolie's legal team went on to detail the alleged incident on the 2016 flight.

"Pitt grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her into the bathroom wall," read the filing. It went on to allege that Jolie was forced to grab Pitt from behind to stop him from lunging at one of their children, and that the actress' back and elbow were injured from her ex husband throwing himself backwards into an airplane seat.

"The children rushed in and all bravely tried to protect each other," read the filing. "Before it was over, Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face."

Pitt has denied these allegations.

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Brad Pitt was investigated by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services for the alleged verbal and physical abuse of his children in 2016 after an alleged incident on a private jet with his family, something he was later cleared of after the case was referred to the FBI.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt five days after the alleged incident, citing irreconcilable differences.

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