Congratulations to Amanda Seyfried

Celebrations are in order for this 'Mean Girl'

Photo of Amanda Seyfried
Photo of Amanda Seyfried

Celebrations are in order for this 'Mean Girl'

Wedding bells at the ready – our favourite 'Mean Girl' is officially engaged.

Amanda Seyfried is now set to marry her actor boyfriend, Thomas Sadoski, after six months of dating.

The 30-year-old actress was spotted walking her dog, Finn, around New York City with a simple, thin gold band on her ring finger. It then wasn’t long until sources confirmed that Amanda and Thomas were indeed engaged and had shared the news with close friends and family.

The couple originally met back in 2015 during rehearsals for The Way We Get By – the off-Broadway play by Neil LaBute about the morning after a one night stand.

Later, the couple reunited at the start of this year when they filmed The Last Word together and subsequently revealed that they were dating back in March.

While this will be Amanda’s first trip up the aisle, Thomas has been married before. The 40-year-old actor split with his wife, Kimberly Hope, last summer after eight years of marriage.

Amanda, who separated from her previous partner Justin Long last October, has been connected with co-stars before, such as Dominic Cooper who she dated after the co-starred in Mamma Mia!

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But while Amanda has had several white weddings on screen over the course of her career, the actress is keen for her real one to be a little different.

Speaking to E! News, she explained: 'I got married so many times in my life – onscreen! I don't want a white dress! I've worn so many of them.

'The fact is, that kind of stuff is less about the ceremony and more about the commitment. So it's like children. That's where it's at, right? For me. But it's different for everybody.'

And if her previous comments are anything to go by, it won’t be long until we can expect Amanda and Thomas to become parents: 'I'd like to have one in the next four or five years,’ she said in the E! News interview. ‘And the second one can happen between 35 and 40. Or I can adopt... It's fine. I definitely want to a couple kids.'

Well, we do love a good A-list parent-to-be… 

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