Alexandra Burke interview

It's been a big year for Alexandra Burke. With two number one singles under her belt and an army of loyal followers, we predict great things for this lovely lady

Alexandra Burke - Celebrity Interviews - Marie Claire
Alexandra Burke - Celebrity Interviews - Marie Claire
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It's been a big year for Alexandra Burke. With two number one singles under her belt and an army of loyal followers, we predict great things for this lovely lady

It's been a big year for Alexandra Burke. With two number one singles under her belt and an army of loyal followers, we predict great things for this lovely lady.

We grabbed a quick chat with the glam star, who filled us in on her brand new single, her high street fashion favourites, and why she's never been in love.

Its been a year and a half since you won the X Factor. Has it been a bit of a whirlwind?

It's been a huge whirlwind. Much more than I ever expected, or ever dreamed of. I'm loving everything so far, but I would never have got to where I am without that show.

You were mentored by lovely Cheryl Cole. Do you keep in touch?

Yes absolutely. I love her! We're always texting each other, she gives me lots of good advice. The one piece I remember is to always remain myself. She also told me not to read any press, just to do what I do and get on with it. She's very down to earth.

And what about Simon Cowell? Is he a good boss?

Absolutely. He's a great boss, and a good friend as well. He's really understanding, and a good person to talk to. He's in charge of the record company I'm signed too, but our relationship is very much equal - I'm not afraid to put my opinions out there. We do clash occasionally, but we don't have arguments, we just have debates. I know where I want to go, and where I see myself in 10 year. It's a ladder to get up to there, so we have to work as a great team together, and we do.

Sounds impressive! So where do see yourself in 10 years time?

With a couple of awards under my belt! I've been writing a diary for ten years now, so I might turn that into a book one day, and I would love my own clothing line. Maybe I'll do some acting, and then in ten years I'd like kids.

You've got a brand new single - All Night Long - what's it all about?

From the moment I heard All Night Long I fell in love with it. It's about dancing all night long with the one that you love. It's a catchy, fun song, and we did a great video.

You do look like you're having fun! The video shoot must have been a tiring day though...

Not really. Redbull always gets me through - it's my secret! My longest day of filming was for broken heels, and we were working for close enough to 24 hours. But with All Night Long I didn't want to spend two days on a video, so I thought: ‘the energy is there, just do it.'

Do you ever get nervous filming in front of a room full of people?

Yes, all the time. With this video I got to have my friends and family with me, which was so much fun. I also picked the dancers, so in rehearsal I knew everyone's name. The label know I'm more comfortable working with my own dancers, so they let me take full control.

The new single is taken from your first album Overcome - do you have a favourite track?

I have seven! But actually I love them all - there's no song on this album that I despise, and it's a true reflection of who I am. If you ever want to get to know me, listen to that album. It literally is my diary, in music.

Your first single was Bad Boys - what kind of boys do like in real life?

I go for the two key things: trust and happiness. And love. I don't think I've ever been in love, so I can't explain how it feels, but I love the thought of love, I love seeing my friends in love. I love the fact that when people are in love they are just giddy and happy and non-stop smiling.

Do you have anyone in your life at the moment?

I've got my dog, Alfie. Apart from that I don't have anyone special at the moment, but I'm dating.

Well you're looking amazing - what's your secret?

I'm not working out at the moment, and my secret isn't really a secret! It's really just healthy living. Eat healthily, and drink plenty of water. It's very important to eat things in moderation, and just be comfortable and happy in yourself. My icon is Naomi Cambell, because I think she's beautiful inside and out. I love her to pieces.

We often see you wearing high street brands - are you a fan of the high street?

Absolutely. I think it's really important to mix high street with labels, and that's where I've come from. I have a high street background - I love Topshop and H&M, and I love Zara. I would never stop shopping in these places.

And just finally, we heard a rumour today that you might be mentoring on the X Factor this year...

I've heard that too, actually! I would always offer my advice and talk to contestants about what I've been through, but to be a mentor is just a different thing. I still have a lot more growing to do.

All Night Long is in stores now.