Woman Sends Cheating Ex-Husband Horse Poo Through The Post

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  • This is not a made up story.

    Here’s something we bet you didn’t know. In America you can send someone some actual poo in the post (gluten free, animal poo to be precise) if they annoy you, all thanks to a service called ShitExpress – totally great name.

    How did we find this out? Well, because a woman named Amanda Chatel did just that, getting the company to send a box of horse poo to her cheating ex-husband and she then wrote about the experience for a website called YourTango.

    See Amanda’s husband had cheated on her with a 20-year-old woman (he was 48). And this 20-year-old woman then decided to send Amanda a rather rude poem – yes, this story is pretty weird – detailing exactly how horrible Amanda was.

    According to her article – which unfortunately does not include a copy of the poem itself – Amanda said: ‘In her broken English, she scripted several stanzas depicting me, the horrible woman who was crushing her husband’s soul, and she, the “little girl” who was in love with him and wanted to save him.’ Awkward.

    It was after receiving this poem that Amanda decided enough was simply enough and started to google how to send someone some shit through the post. (Amanda says that she had thought about sending her own poo but she didn’t think it would make it through customs…)

    As we write this, Amanda is still waiting for the shit to be delivered. She says: ‘Part of me hopes they’ll be confused and maybe taste it, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part.’ Yep.

    If you want to send someone some shit yourself you can do so for as little as $16.95 – with free worldwide shipping. Total bargain if you ask us.

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