'No Filter Fashion!' Why Cardi B is SLAYING the New York FROW...

This is no filter fashion at its finest

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This is no filter fashion at its finest

In the UK we haven’t quite awoken to the force that is Cardi B, - just yet – however the twenty five year old rapper is tearing through New York Fashion Week, one snazzy FROW appearance at a time.

The musician’s no filter attitude – which saw her discussing her career as a stripper on social media – flows into her fashion choices too, it seems.

This lady isn’t all style over substance either – her track, Bodak Yellow took the number one spot on the US Billboard 100 chart at the end of last year. The song has also notched up 460 million hits on YouTube and counting. Casual. Her talents have also enticed the likes of Migos, Juicy J and Bruno Mars into collaborating with her.

But why is the fashion world falling in love with the rapper? Firstly there is NOTHING Cardi B can’t pull off as seen on her first FROW outing for Christian Siriano. Green trouser suits usually conjure up thoughts of Kermit The Frog but with a pink fur stole thrown over the shoulder and monochrome cat eye sunglasses the vibe instantly turns from cartoon to chic. But her art of accessorizing doesn’t quite stop there.

The nails are her real art form. Think Tanya Turner on acid, with more jewels emblazoned on her talons than the crown jewels possesses. Her Instagram caption for said outfit? 'Now you can pistol whip me.’ I have no idea what that means either but we are at the front of the queue.

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Then came the meme moment of New York Fashion Week so far, when attending Alexander Wang’s boardroom girl gone wild inspired show Cardi B was sat next to Anna Wintour. Wearing a black leather turban, a hybrid mac and over the knee boots (naturally), the style press of Instagram went wild in the rows.

However, Cardi really came into her own at the Jeremy Scott show, wearing an oversized coat that screamed 'fur coat, no knickers', in a new unapologetic statement of girl power.

Turning our attention to her love life, Cardi is engaged to fellow rapper, Migos and don’t be mistaking the rocks she got because JESUS CHRIST THE ENGAGEMENT RING IS HUGE. Cardi isn’t the only one in the relationship polishing her diamonds though. Migos attended the Prabal Gurung show too, wearing a layered diamond necklace to off set his polo neck and camo combo. Rough with the smooth, much?

Couture fashion week had the power to revamp Celine Dion and it seems fashion month is doing the same for Cardi B. Kneel before your new style Queen…