These are the summer's most popular baby names

Perfect for Summer babies

Most popular baby names 2016
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Perfect for Summer babies

Though they may be a few letters strung together, names are so much more than that. They can represent a person’s ENTIRE identity – which is crazy, right?! This also explains why it can be a challenge for parents to choose a name for their child, since it’s something that will follow their kid around for the rest of eternity.

To help with the daunting feat that is naming a baby, there are sites like Nameberry, which collects data to find the most popular baby names at any given time. Recently, the organization took a look at this summer and compared it with the same time last year, to see which names have made the biggest impact on birth certificates. This is what they found…

Girl Names

1. Thomasin: This name made a 1000% jump since last summer.

2. Leire: Over the past year, this name climbed the charts by 850%.

3. Rae: It went up 425%!

4. Eden: Straight out of paradise, this moniker rose over 350% on Nameberry.

5. Wren: This name has soared like a bird, going up 260%.

6. Ruby: By going up 250%, this gem of a name is truly sparkling.

7. Cala: Aside from translating to “castle” in Arabic, this name has gone up 225% since last summer.

8. Bernice: Bernice is back and better than ever, rising 200%.

9. Vega: Going up 200%, Vega clearly means business when it comes to birth certificates.

10. Francine: Growing 200%, this name has proved that it’s no longer vintage.

Boy Names

1. Kylo: Star Wars’ Kylo Ren may have helped this name go up almost 1500%.

2. Corin: This simple name is anything but on the popular baby name list, going up 500%.

3. Rex: A 3-letter name that went up 300%!

4. Colm: 250% is a pretty significant jump for this name.

5. Oak: Of course such a baby name would grow like a tree, going up 230%.

6. Jace: A unique name that’s risen 200% in the name of summertime.

7. Theo: Up 184% – perhaps Divergent actor Theo James is to thank?

8. Dane: This baby has risen 160%!

9. Orion: Just like the constellation of the same name, this moniker is reaching for the stars – having gone up 130%.

10. Jude: Shout out to Jude Law, for possibly helping this name advance 130%.

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