The Most-Searched Beauty Term of The Year Will Definitely Surprise You

We did not see this coming.

We did not see this coming.

You'll never guess what one of the most-Googled beauty terms of the year is. No, it's not contouring, or red lips, or smokey eyes, or anything else in the realm of possibility. It's about man buns.

According to a Google trend report about beauty, 2015 is the first year that there has been more interest in men's hair than women's hair on Google, by around 6%.

And 'man bun' is one of the most popular searches, thanks to celebrity pioneers like Jared Leto and social media trends like #manbunmonday.

To be more precise, the most common searches are 'how to grow a man bun' and 'how to tie a man bun'.

Guys, it's easy. Growing a man bun just means you have to wait a bit (seriously, how do they not know this?) and tying one up is simple enough if you have a hair elastic. Duh.

Source: giphy

If that wasn't worrying enough, the next most-searched trend is the 'comb-over'. We're hoping this was in order to construct witty tweets about Donald Trump rather than a desire to emulate the 'trend'.

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