Summer beauty hacks every girl should know

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  • Keep your calm and look cool

    There’s nothing worse than going about your day thinking everything is fine, only to look in the mirror at 4pm and realise your mascara has made its way from your lashes down to your cheeks, your brows have elongated themselves two fold after you accidentally wiped them and your foundation is no longer on your face because it’s pooled at the base of your neck. 

    As the temperature rises so does the risk of major makeup meltdown, but with these help of these genius tips, you can avoid being sweaty mess and remain the glowing goddess you were in the morning. All. Day. Long

    1. Use baby powder for everything!

    Not only does baby powder smell fresh and clean, it also doubles up as a dry shampoo when dusted along the roots of your hair and can be lightly brushed on your face over your makeup to absorb excess oil without masking your face. It’s also amazing at removing sand from any part of your skin. 

    2. Tame frizz and fly aways with a toothbrush

    Mist an old toothbrush with hairspray and gently brush down any frizzy hair or fly aways. 

    3. Swap your powder blush for cream

    Sounds counterintuitive, but on a sweltering day your powder is likely to crumble up and flake, whereas a cream will blend with your skin and last through sweat and a sea swim.

    4. Use deodorant to stop stickiness

    It’s sounds odd, but a spray of deodorant at the back of your neck will prevent you from the dreaded sweat/clingy hair situations. 

    5. Add baking soda

    From giving extra shine to your hair, to working as an exfoliant when you need a fake tan fail rescue, baking soda may actually be your biggest summer beauty hero yet. 

    6. Keep your colour

    Chlorine can do serious damage to blonde hair, so before you dive into the pool, coat your hair in olive oil to create a barrier or drench it in fresh water, which will swell the hair shaft so the chlorine won’t be able to penetrate as much. 

    7. Layer up

    Building your makeup products in layers will make it last longer than applying one heavy layer. 


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