You won't believe how much we spend on our hair in a lifetime

Seriously shocking

Seriously shocking

When you take into account regular trips to the salon for new hairstyles, cuts and colours, and buying the best shampoo, conditioner and styling products, it's safe to assume we spend quite a chunk on haircare and maintenance in our lifetime.

But nothing could have prepared us for the staggering average we'll shell out on our locks over the years – and we're pretty sure it'll shock you too.

Are you ready?

Deep breaths.

There's no going back once you've read it.

£47,000. That's right, we shell out the equivalent of a deposit on a house or seriously nice car on... just our hair. And did you know we'd be prepared to pay £200 on average to rectify a haircut gone wrong? If that's shocked you, Powder can match you to the perfect conditioner for your hair and your budget. Try out the quiz here...

The information comes from a study of 2,756 adult women from across the country, conducted by VoucherCodesPro, who were asked questions such as how much they spend on haircare in an average month and how 'high maintenance' they consider their hair to be.

When it comes to where the most money is spent on haircare, you might have thought London would have come out on top. but they only just made the top three. Girls in the North West will spend over £1,000 a year on their hair, while girls in the East of England are significantly smaller spenders, only paying out £564 on their locks per year.

Below is a breakdown of how much women in the UK spend per month on haircare. Where do you rank?

North West – £85

South East – £81

London – £78

Scotland – £72

Wales – £65

North East – £63

West Midlands – £61

Northern Ireland – £58

East Midlands – £56

Yorkshire & Humberside – £51

South West – £49

East of England – £47

Lucy Abbersteen
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