Plopping: The New Curl Craze

The latest hair styling trend has arrived from the US and it promises glossy and defined curls. Hurrah!

Plopping products
Plopping products

The latest hair styling trend has arrived from the US and it promises glossy and defined curls. Hurrah!

We’re not the most mature bunch here on the Marie Claire beauty desk. In fact, we’re quite the opposite, which is why when we heard about the ‘Plopping’ method of enhancing natural curls it inevitably brought about a childish giggle or two.

So, doing our best to ignore all urges to indulge in a little toilet humour let’s talk about Plopping. (Oh God, it’s hard!).

Plopping entered our lives via the US where it has quickly become popular for defining unruly curls without the use of heat. Essentially Plopping is a method of towel-drying curls and we suppose it’s named for ‘plopping’ your hair into the towel.

If you have curly hair you’ll be all too familiar with the challenge to create a defined curl without any frizz, well Plopping does that. Afro Hairdresser of the Year Charlotte Mensah tells us, ‘Plopping is a great way to get defined, shiny curls without the use of any heat. The wrapping technique absorbs excess water while your hair dries plus it keeps the curls locked in place. It’s basically a no-heat setting method.’ Hair oil can help define curls, too - find the perfect one for you by taking this quiz on our sister site Powder.

Because you don’t need to use a hair drier while you’re Plopping (we’re still not over it!) you won’t risk damaging or drying out your curls, which are already drier by nature than straighter hair.

Curly hair brand Boucléme have launched The Curl Towel, £19. It’s made of 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo and 8% elasthene to absorb excess water from the hair while retaining hydration in the curl itself. Boucléme have a handy video should you want to see the towel in all its Plopping glory.

Fancy giving Plopping a shot? Charlotte tells us how:

Step 1: Begin with shampooed hair that’s still damp.

Step 2: Apply a conditioning product to your hair that suits your curl type. MIZANI True Textures Curl Soft Moisturizing Leave-in Crème, £9.80Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel, £12.90 and Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream, £12.90, are good options.

Step 3: Next you’ll need a cloth. I prefer to use a 100% cotton cloth but failing that a cotton T-shirt or towel will do. Lay your cloth on a flat surface; the surface needs to be low enough so that you can bend at the waist and comfortably reach it with the top of your head.

Step 4: Position your head over the cloth, aiming for the edge of the material nearest to you. With your head upside down your curls should collect at the top of your head. Press the top of your head down against the cloth to compact the curls.

Step 5: Take the edge of the cloth that’s furthest away from you and bring it over the back of your head, then take the two sides either side of your head and twist them together, away from your face into two roles. This will secure the curls on top of your head while they’re drying.

Step 6: Take the two twisted rolls and secure them at the back of your head.

Step 7: Leave everything alone until your hair is dry, unwrap and shake out your curls.

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