Ruby Rose Reveals The Secret To Her Flawless Skin – And It Costs Less Than £10

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  • There's one moisturiser the Orange Is The New Black actress can't get enough of...

    If you went from a little-known presenter to a global name in a short space of time, would you start splashing out on pricey beauty products?

    It doesn’t look like Ruby Rose is about to anytime soon.

    The actress – who’s currently winning over fans as new inmate Stella Carlin in the third series of Orange Is The New Black – has a rather low-key daily routine and is happy to use very affordable lotions.

    ‘I wash my face three times a day, if I can. That’s my one important thing. I’ll do hair and make-up and then if I’ve got a break between the next fashion show I’ll wash it all off, do a quick mask and then put make-up on again, just to let my skin breath,’ she revealed.

    ‘When you’re wearing full make-up for hours, you’ll start to break out from just not having that freshness on your face. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water gets rid of all the make-up. I moisturise with a light Cetaphil, which is like the cheapest, most simple product in the world, you can get it everywhere. I love Cetaphil.’

    Suitable for both sensitive or dry skin, a bottle of Cetaphil moisturising cream can be snapped up for under £10. A complexion as clear as Ruby’s using a product that won’t break the bank? We’re sold.

    And when it comes to hair, Ruby – who’s engaged to Roald Dalh’s clothing designer granddaughter Phoebe – is just as relaxed. She certainly has no plans to swap her close crop for long and bouncy blow-dried layers.

    ‘I’ve got my barber in America, Dylan, he’s super famous, he does everyone’s hair, like P. Diddy and everyone,’ she told Beauticate.

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