This is why you should never leave dry shampoo in your car

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  • SO dangerous

    A true hair hero, a trusty can of dry shampoo completely transforms your hair’s volume and how often you should wash your hair. But listen up, because we have some pretty scary news about one of your go-to beauty products.

    Even the best dry shampoo can cause a serious hazard if you’re not careful with where you store it. Dry shampoo is an aerosol, meaning that, when it’s exposed to direct heat and light, it has a high risk of exploding. And that’s exactly what happened to a handful unlucky Ipsy Glam Bag subscribers when they left their delivery, containing Lustea dry shampoo, in their hot car.

    Fortunately, nobody was injured by an exploding can of dry shampoo. Ipsy has issued a warning to its customers that reads: ‘Like other dry shampoo products, this aerosol is flammable, so please exercise care: avoid fire, flame, or smoking during use, and protect from sunlight or heat’, according to Refinery 29.

    However, it’s since been discovered that the Lustea cans are slightly more sensitive to heat and sunlight, so in the end, Ipsy advised customers to empty the contents of the can and throw it away. Subscribers will reportedly receive an extra product in their next goodie bag to make up it.

    Note to self: always take dry shampoo out of your car, especially if it’s a hot day.

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