#MarieClaireBeautyTrip: Day Four

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  • Read on to find out exactly how pre-sun exposure tan enhancers work...

    Nadine Leopold looks just like a burst of sunshine. Even after the trials of a long haul flight the Victoria’s Secret model arrived at the Constance Ephelia in the Seychelles all dewy and golden-skinned with a nimbus of blonde hair around her head. Her look: pure, unabashed health. The effect her honeyed limbs and inner glow have had on the team has been considerable; we’ve cast an eye – and reached out our hands – towards the various ‘tan enhancers’ we packed to help us look just that little bit more glowing so that standing next to her in the blazing sunlight on stunning beaches doesn’t leave us feeling quite so sallow.

    A word, first, on how pre-sun exposure tan enhancers work. First, most of them deeply moisturise skin: skin that is hydrated develops a healthy glow after a day in sunlight and also retains colour better. Most also stimulate melanin production; as melanin is the pigment in your skin that looks like a ‘tan’ and emerges to protect your skin from the sun, encouraging it will deepen skin tone before the sun even touches your skin. It will also help to fortify your skin against sun damage (though they in no way provide an excuse to lie out in the midday sun or forgo sun cream).

    Want in? We thought you might. Two we love to use before you hit the sun: Guerlain Terracotta Sun Serum Tan Booster Complex for the face and décolleté (very lightweight and can therefore be applied under other skincare before bed and, as Guerlain are the kings of glow and this serum is cult for the dual action described above, you’ll want to get your hands on this pronto) and Elemis Tan Accelerator for the body (the amino acid content is geared to encourage melanin production, while the macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil leave skin soft and supple).

    During our time on the beach, we’ve been using Piz Buin’s Instant Glow Skin Illuminating Sun Spray, which imparts a subtly golden shimmer that takes the edge off paleness and lends it a little luminosity. We’re pretty stoked by the high SPFs, too – we may look a little more healthy in colour, but our skin still needs all the protection of a high broad spectrum SPF while in the sun.

    Instead of using a normal aftersun, if you’re keen on bringing colour out in your skin, try Lancaster’s brilliant Tan Maximizer range. We’ve brought the Sublimating Oil Repairing After Sun Satin Oil with us. It’s non-greasy, soothes skin and makes the most of whatever colour you got that day. Oh, and did we mention it just smells like holiday. Heaven.

    Those products applied, we may not look like we’ve spent months sunning ourselves in the Seychelles, but we do look just that little bit more glowing, which is really all a girl can ask for when emerging from the depths of British winter. Now, back to work – we’ve got photo shoots to be getting on with…

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