I tried Lidl's under £3 hydrating skincare range – these are my initial thoughts

Yes, that does say under £3

Lidl Hydro Expert range

Lidl is forever serving up great affordable buys, from their air purifying plant range to their affordable pink grapefruit gin that was released this summer.

I think it's a safe assumption to make that we're all a bit obsessed with hyaluronic acid, so we're thrilled that Lidl has now launched their own hydrating range under their Cien skincare line.

Containing hyaluronic sodium at its core and comprising of two cleansers, three moisturisers and a micellar water, the Hydro Expert range starts at just £1.49 – so you wouldn't be breaking the bank by giving it a go.

The range does contain some fragrance and alcohol, so be cautious if you know your skin is sensitive to these ingredients. Read more about each of the products below, and happy shopping!

Aqua Gel

Lidl Hydro Expert

A lightweight gel moisturisier, both this and the Hyaluron Gel are suitable for all skin tpyes. It massages nicely into the skin and a little goes a long way.

Creme Gel

Lidl Hydro Expert

Another moisturiser, this is the thicker of the two creams, so definitely opt for this one if you have skin that's especially dry.

Micellar Water

Lidl Hydro Expert


If you're big on the eye make-up you may need a stronger make-up remover, but this micellar does leave your skin feeling nice and soft, thanks to the combination of hyaluronic sodium and glycerin. There is some moisturising residue left behind, which I imagine dehydrated or drier skin would soak right up.

Hyaluron Gel

Lidl Hydro Gel

One of the three moisturisers on offer, this is more of a water-like serum/gel that absorbs pretty easily. Both of the thicker mositurisers layer over the top nicely, so definitely pair them to maximise moisture levels.

Cleansing Lotion

Lidl Hydro Expert


This is probably the product I liked the most out of the six; it removes make-up and works nicely with a hand-hot flannel (again I'd recommend using a strong eye make-up remover beforehand).

Cleansing Gel

Lidl Hydro Expert


The lighter of the two cleansers, this is your traditional lightweight gel cleanser – non-greasy, soft and gentle.

Overall, a little goes a long way with these products, but considering the purse-friendly price they're not half bad. If you want to try for yourself you'd better hop, skip and jump to your nearest Lidl before they're all sold out!

The full Hydro Expert range is available at Lidl stores now

Lucy Abbersteen
Beauty Contributor

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