Kate Middleton: Grey Hair, Don’t Care

Grey is great. End of.

Kate Middleton Grey Hair G
Kate Middleton Grey Hair G
(Image credit: Tim Rooke/REX)

Grey is great. End of.

‘Oh Kate, Are You Really Showing Grey Roots At 33?’ A certain tabloid’s front page headline is grey-shaming the Duchess Of Cambridge today, after paparazzi ‘proof’ emerged showing her silvery roots at a charity appearance.

The picture evidence, zoomed in to the Nth degree, was captured when Kate visited the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory yesterday and tied half her hair into a loose knot.

We’re not even sure we can see the supposed streaks (take a look for yourself in the gallery above) but, regardless of whose head they’re on, what age she is, or whether she’s dyed it, crimped it, or left it au naturel… we think it’s just not an issue. 

‘How is it 2015 and we're still making a big deal about women sporting a few grey hairs?’ asks Marie Claire’s Beauty Editor Suzanne Scott.

‘Women (just like men) go grey. The difference is that a man isn't picked on in the media for it. Kate is in her thirties, she's a mum to a small child and quite pregnant with her second, I think it's safe to say that a touch of grey is not her biggest problem.’

Having grey hair is not only acceptable, it’s fashionable. Street style stars have long been parading cool silver rinses (it beautifully pares down any outfit’s colour palette, donchaknow?) while on the red carpet, loads of young stars have reached for the bottle to get the look.

‘Just look at Kristen McMenamy, she rocks her grey!’ says Suzanne. ‘Those who haven't made it onto the grey scale themselves yet are faking it – Kylie Jenner and Rihanna both look pretty amazing with bottled grey. Apart from the fact that, in general, we need to stop judging women against impossible ideals (and giving them a hard time for not living up to it) grey hair is a bonafide fashion trend. Let's just lighten-up shall we?’ 

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