Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Lawrence Do Party-Perfect Make-Up: Here's How To Get The Look...

The A-list stars shunned natural looks for dramatic eyes. Here's how you can follow suit.

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence
Photo of Jennifer Lawrence

The A-list stars shunned natural looks for dramatic eyes. Here's how you can follow suit.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence both worked similar looks on seperate red carpets last night - and got us in the mood for a more dramatic take on evening make-up.

Jennifer and Angelina updated the classic smoky eye look by using a gold shimmer to build the colour up to the brow bone, rather than heavy greys or blacks. Both starlets have also used liquid eyeliner to define the eye line, giving a stronger finish to their looks.

If you want to recreate this make-up style for a night out, follow these five simple tips to make sure you get it right, every time:

1. Use a medium-sized brush to sweep gold eyeshadow over the eyelid, stopping just above the crease. Blend right up to your lashes and out past the outer corner of the eye, to fall in line with the end of your eyebrow.

2. Trace alone the eyelashes with a soft black Kohl eyeliner - Charlotte Tilbury's Rock N Kohl is amazing for this - and gently smudge with your fingertip to soften the harsh line.

3. With a small and firm bristle brush, push a gunmetal eyeshadow into the lower lash line, blending to meet the outer corner of the eye.

4. Follow in Angelina and Jennifer's footsteps and line your lashes with a sweep of liquid eyeliner, to give a bold finish.

5. Apply lashings of mascara to open your eyes and soften the heavy eyeliner.

If you make any mistakes, just dip a cotton bud in concealer and brush it over your skin. Any stray eyeshadow or eyeliner will be picked up on the concealer.

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